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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Good-bye Couch ~ Welcome Back Treadmill

When I was in high school I really enjoyed jogging. My dad is a runner and athlete. I grew up watching him run, play soccer, work out at the gym daily and even train for the LA Marathon once.  He trained me at a very young age, so running has always come natural to me.

BUT, along came college, busy schedules, deadlines and campus life. I kept it up a little and when I met my (now) husband we used to run in the evenings together. He, too, enjoys running and he was preparing for Basic Training since he was leaving for the Air Force. Eventually, we married and started a little family. Fitness fell to the wayside QUICK!

I have always struggled with my weight, which is why it was important to my parents to begin fitness training with me at a young age. But in the last 10 years I have allowed too much to get in the way. I have not disciplined myself in the area of food and fitness. As I enter the last stage of my 30s I am starting to feel the pressure. If I don't start losing the weight and get on the road to good health and wellness NOW it will only get harder in my 40s.

This winter I have started walking in an effort to get myself off the couch. So far, so good. Even my children join in with me about 3 days a week. TODAY I started a 5K training. I was pretty sure I was going to pass out!!!! But I completed it! My focus now is to take it one day at a time! I am very excited about this new phase in our life!

I should also mention, this summer I QUIT Pepsi. It was my addiction and downfall. Best. Decision. Ever. I have also switched from sugar to a natural sweetener in my coffee. My hurdle now is saying no to those oh-so-yummy, but oh-so-unhealthy and fatty cookies...and donuts...oh the donuts!

"I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me."
Philippians 4:13

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