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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

We Call Her... "THE WALL, too"

because my little brother is the original "The Wall."

We have always known that Sofia is our most active of our three little girls. We have also known that she needs activity to vent and provide her a more balanced life (in general). So we enrolled the girls in soccer ( a family favorite of course!) this year. Izabella has done very well - but she can live without it. =) Sofia on the other hand has challenged herself from day one! She is determined to be the best she can out on the field! During one of the first few games of the fall season she was put in as goalie. She had NEVER played this position EVER and had never even practiced. They scored something like 6-9 goals on her!!! ='( Needless to say I was VERY vocal with the coach --- good thing the coach is my husband! =D SOOOOO they practiced... a lot! NOW she is the best goalie on the team! She was determined after that game that she would never let that happen again. I thought, for sure, that she would be terrified to play that position again. But, she said, "Mommy, I want to try it again. And this time they're not gonna score!" She is an amazing little girl - and goalie!!! Nothing gets past her (ok ok maybe one or two - but she's learning)! She's not afraid of those little girls running right toward her OR the ball! She lands on top of that ball no matter whose foot is flying in her direction! =) She makes me proud!!! THAT'S MY GIRL!!!

Can you see the ball? Of course NOT she's on it!!!!

She throws with all her might! =)

Here it comes!! No sweat! She got it!!
Actually, she threw herself on it and made an AWESOME block!!

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