Joshua 24:15

...choose you this day whom ye will serve...but as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD." Joshua 24:15

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Mi Familia

I am blessed to have the most amazing family in the world!
(I know - I know - everyone says that!)

My parents... I have the best parents a girl can ask for. I always tell people that since I'm the only girl I was spoiled - but NOT spoiled rotten. I appreciate everything my parents have ever done for me. They gave me a healthy start in life and I am thankful for the high moral standards they instilled in all us kids growing up.

My brothers... are just plain AWESOME! I looked up to my older brother ALL my life. We fought - often, but I wouldn't have traded him in for any other brother! ;) All my life he was just "cool". What girl doesn't want a cool brother?!?! But he's more than just cool to hang out with - he's kind and tender-hearted. My brother teaches me to be gentle, loving and kind to others - all the time! My little brother is an amazingly smart and talented person. Sometimes, I wonder if he realizes his true potential. He has an admirable appreciation for literature and the arts. He is also my movie go-to-guy. I think the boy has seen every movie made. He's fun to pick on - A LOT, and he absolutely LOVES my cooking!! I love this kid! He's compassionate and pays attention to detail... just ask Ivana, who received a tiger webkins at Christmas from him because she became infatuated with his white tigers (they're not real).

My sister-in-law... God bless her! She has to put up with our crazy family - and I think she may even like us. ;) She is, by far, the sweetest, most selfless, giving person I know! She is the peace maker in our family and I think she fits like a glove (she has a crazy side, too). Most importantly she gave me 3 handsome nephews and a beautiful niece. Those kids are some of the funniest, most loving, easy-going little people ever. I love them - without a doubt - I love them! And I miss them terribly.

My little family! We are blessed with three beautiful little girls (and our 4th little one is on the way). They are all unique and fill their roles to a T.

Izabella is our oldest - 8 years old. She will be celebrating the last of the single digit birthdays TOO SOON! She is the perfect older sister - a mother hen, sometimes a little bossy, but ALWAYS looks out for her little sisters. She is also a good helper to mommy. She does VERY WELL in school and has maintained on the A Honor Roll all year. This is her first year in school, as we homeschooled for three years. She had a tough time transitioning from being with mommy all day to being in school. But she is making friends and adjusting well.

Sofia is our middle child and has ALL the middle child syndromes... poor kid! But with #4 on the way she won't be the middle child anymore!! She wants to be an author and illustrator when she grows up (she watched 'Miss Potter'). She is our social butterfly. Everywhere she goes she makes friends. It breaks her heart if there is something between her and a friend. When she determines to do something she is the most reliable of our three. You can always count on her doing the job right! She had NO problems adjusting to school and made the B Honor Roll, but may get bumped up to the A Honor Roll soon!! (We didn't know that she would be required to know cursive writing in FIRST GRADE.)

Ivana is our "baby" and plays the role well. She is a ham!!! By far, she is the most imaginative of the three. She is also very curious, messy and on her own planet some days. She is very shy around people until she gets to know them. She recently went through a stage where she would shove her whole hand in her mouth when she was too embarrassed around someone. She's also peanut size. She fits anywhere, can climb onto anything and always gets the best hiding places when we play hide and seek - too bad she can't stop from giggling and gets found right away!! =)

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